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Silver jewellery

Silver jewellery

*Never go swimming with your costume silver jewellery on. Chlorine and salt can stain or cause tarnishing.

*If you need to take a shower or a bath in your house, make sure to pull off it as well and leave it in a little box or plate before entering the bathroom.

*Silver also reacts with sulphur. Keep your objects away from eggs or any product containing sulphur in any form.

*Never tie up a rubber band around your hand-crafted silver jewellery, or handle it with rubber gloves.

*When you are going to do your household clean up, make sure to remove your hand made silver jewellery before starting. Chances are it could get in contact with ammonia or bleach. Silver reacts with these products and it could deteriorate.

*The best method to keep your silver looking fine and new is to wear it frequently.

*Little particles of food or salt can discolor or tarnish your silver if left for a long time in contact with it. If soiled, wash immediately and dry well with a cotton cloth before storing it.

*When stored for a longtime, most silver and sterling silver jewellery change colour as it begins oxidising. Some turn blackish and some yellowish. If that would happen to yours, don't panic. There are many silver polishes that can pull off the tarnish and make it look like new again.

*Try this natural trick before using expensive tarnish removers.

- Fill up the sink or a skillet with warm water.

- Put a sheet of tin foil paper at the bottom.

- Add a couple spoons of baking soda and a couple spoons of salt.

- Immerse the silver in the solution letting it rest on the tin foil paper.

- Let it to soak for 5 minutes, remove and rinse well.

-Dry thoroughly with a pure 100% cotton cloth. The tarnish will move to the tin foil.

*Store your silver jewellery inside a cloth pouch, wrapped with a cotton cloth, or inside of a linen drawer or box, in a dry place.

Like everything else in life, if you want it to last and look good, you have to take excellent care of it


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